Spalding Hypnotherapy

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Are you feeling stressed or anxious
Have you lost your confidence or self esteem?
Does life often feel overwhelming?
Do you wish you could find a better way to cope?


If you nodded to any of these questions you’re in the right place

Emma Rose


Spalding and Online Hypnotherapy Practice

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✔️ 3+ Years experience

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Emma practices from modern, relaxing therapy rooms based in the centre of Spalding in Lincolnshire. Pay and display parking is available close by with the South Holland District Council offering free parking on Saturdays. Her therapy room is also just a 5-minute walk from Spalding train station. The quaint market town of Spalding encompasses Asycoughfee Hall Museum and its beautiful well kept gardens. Renowned for its association with mental health project work, the gardens are a great place to escape and relax.

 Address: Aspire Health and Wellbeing, 27-29 The Crescent, Spalding PE11 1AF

Appointment Times: Fridays & Saturdays 9:15am-16:00pm

 Call or text me on 07983 517 587

Who I work with

At Inspired to Change I work with people who are experiencing an emotional or physical issue which is holding them back or who are struggling to cope with life’s challenges and adapting to change. Often they have tried other approaches to move forward but ultimately they still feel unhappy or stuck. People just like you. 

Regardless of what brings people to see us they all have one thing in common:

  • They are motivated to get better, cope better or be better
  • They are ready to get their lives on track
  • They are inspired to change

And that is what I am passionate about and skilled at helping people to do!

In addition to the many different issues that the solution focused approach is effective at helping my personal passion is helping people with Chronic Pain, Stress, Confidence, Motivation and Business Success.


    Many thanks to Emma! Emma has helped supply me with the tools and understandings to improve and maintain many aspects of my life. I had both in person sessions and zoom sessions with Emma and they were both effective at helping me work towards my goals. I can genuinely recommend Emma to anyone wanting to improve their life. To those who are thinking of Hypnotherapy and are still a little unsure, jump in and give it a go. Your mind will thank you for it and I'm sure you will learn a lot about your brain in the process.
    Luke C.
    Luke C.
    18:45 18 Jan 21
    Emma recently hosted a lesson via Zoom with my U12 football team on the subject of sports performance and mental ability focussing on how the brain works and how to channel positive thinking.

    It was a really good session, personally and professionally ran, very informative with the team taking some key learns away to help with their development now we are back on the football field.

    I would be interested in calling on Inspired to Change in the future.
    Mathew S.
    Mathew S.
    20:54 29 Jun 20
    Anxiety was taking over my life, and I decided it was time to finally do something about it. Knowing Emma to start with, gave me the confidence to finally kick start my journey. While completing my course of treatment week after week I was finally starting to feel like the old Emma was coming back. People also was seeing the change in me which gave me the confidence I needed to carry on. Upon completion of treatment I feel in the best place I have for years. I can’t thank Emma enough for everything she has done along my journey.
    Emma Louise W.
    Emma Louise W.
    19:05 13 Nov 19
    I have struggled with many years with food anxiety and destructive behaviour. I have tried many things to try and stop the cycle but was unsuccessful and believed I was beyond help. However not only am I now free from the toxic behaviours that were taking over my life, I am looking forward to the future with less stress, more confidence and a lot more room in my thoughts for positive and constructive plans. Emma gave me the key back to my life and for that I will be forever grateful.
    Kelli R.
    Kelli R.
    13:38 03 Sep 19
    Just the initial consultation is inspiring enough to continue on fighting your demons.
    For those that have been afraid of the term hypnotherapy in the past, will regret the doubt ever cast.
    Emma has guided and continues to guide me through a very painful level of grief but also helps me get back to my happy place when feeling blue.
    The empowerment of your own self belief following the sessions are dreamy.
    Inspired To Change does exactly as it says on the tin and reminds you that it’s ok not to be ok.
    I personally recommend the Trance relaxation methods. To nap but not to sleep is magic ⭐️
    Crystal P.
    Crystal P.
    13:36 08 Apr 19
    I have fibromyalgia and arthritis and I have been seeing Emma at regular intervals to help me. She has greatly. I recommend Emma. She has great empathy to her clients and explains the procedure in detail before anything happens. She’s given me tips and procedures to help myself. I would highly recommend Emma to everyone. I literally couldn’t be without her calming influence.

    My son (15) has become really ill and was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. Emma has been seeing him weekly, helping him heal from the inside out and giving him coping mechanisms to help him adjust and cope with this lifelong illness. He comes out of his sessions with a smile on his face and a spring in his step. I definitely made the right choice with regards to my son. This indicates to me that she is able to help people of all age.

    I recommend Emma to anyone who needs additional help. She is professional, personable and reliable. I don’t have any qualms in recommending her.
    Anna S.
    Anna S.
    20:33 02 Apr 19
    Only one consultation as my on going medical condition (epilepsy) counted me out. But found it beneficial. Emma made me very relaxed.
    Joe C.
    Joe C.
    12:23 02 Apr 19

    I empower others to not just survive, but thrive.

    The people who need me the most are those who have lost their confidence and self-belief who want to take back control of their personal and/or professional lives.

    Using neuroscience, I show you how your brain works, to help you become the best version of you, transforming all of your aspirations into an accessible reality. It is never too late to become inspired to change.


    Are you ready to discover who you can really be? 


    • OCD
    • Sports Performance
    • Motivation
    • High Performance
    • Work Life Balance
    • Confidence

    How much does it cost?

    I offer a FREE Initial Consultation to help me better understand how I can help you.  Hypnotherapy sessions after that can be paid for as you go at £80 a session, or most of my client opt for the savings that come with purchasing a package of 6 sessions for £400.

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      Practice Info


      Pay and display parking available at Victoria Street car park. Free parking available at South Holland Distrcut Council on Saturdays only. Disabled parking is available at the back of the Aspire building with easy access.


      Situated on the ground floor, however, there is a step up to the front door.

      Spalding Hypnotherapy Clinic

      Becca in Maidstone

      “I understand my brain and thought patterns so much better now, I am in control of how depression and anxiety affects me daily, and not only do I feel able to cope with it, I am enjoying my life again”

      Gina in Kettering

      “It was nice to speak to someone who had an answer for the way I was feeling. To realise I wasn’t going mad was wonderful!  I am now so much calmer and able to think clearly about any situation. Life is much better.”

      Callum in Market Harborough

      “I have gradually become more relaxed as my anxiety has been released and small changes to each day have increased my general happiness and well-being.  Book an initial consultation today – you really have nothing to lose.”

      Emma in Devon

      “The whole experience was life changing!  Peace and positivity has been restored in my head,  and without doubt I’m more confident – I actually have some self esteem!!  If you’re thinking of using hypnotherapy go for it!”

      Julie in Maidstone

      “I suffered with anxiety attacks for over 25 years and had taken medication consistently for 20 years. I felt that the medication was no longer a positive support for me and I wanted to find a non-medical option.  Hypnotherapy worked for me.”

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