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Finding the Solution to Achieving My Goals



Finding the Solution to Achieving My Goals

At Inspired to Change we regularly chat together about our blogs and newsletters and what information our clients would find useful to hear about – Neuroscience is fascinating and there is always so much new information to share!

Over in our Maidstone clinic, Ali Hollands was busy goal setting for the last few months of her year and this got us thinking about what other people do to keep themselves motivated and achieving goals right through the year.

As is so often the case, we learn from our mistakes – in the past Ali had found herself regularly failing at New Year’s Resolutions.  So what has changed? How come Ali is not only achieving her goals but setting more with just a few months to go before the end of the year?  I’ll let Ali explain…

 “I remember the year I decided to stop setting my New Year resolutions.  It was January 2004 and I’d failed yet again to lose the baby weight I had put on having my now almost 2 year old daughter. By June that year I had truly had enough and by August I had made a plan.  Fast forward a year and I had hit my goal weight.

What Changed For Me?

Timing.  When June hit and I was still not a single gram closer to where I wanted to be I took time out and had a serious chat with myself.  I thought about it properly instead of the knee jerk reaction to the start of another year not getting what I wanted.

Let’s Break Down The Process

First, I got help – I spoke to people who knew what they were talking about and could help me re-educate myself.  The first time I see my clients I tell them about the brain, how it works and how to make it work brilliantly for them so they are in control.

Second, I set smaller targets along the way – this helped me feel like I was achieving.  Setting smaller goals allows us to create a habit of achievement and keeps us from getting overwhelmed if we have a big project or goal.  Consistently achieving boosts confidence, keeps motivation and positivity high, which results in more resilience when setbacks do occur.

Third, I got involved in the process – this helped me stay interested in it.  When we spend time focusing on how we are doing what we are doing, what activities are helping us move forward we create serotonin.  When we consistently reflect back on how we achieve, we start to create a ‘manual for success.’

Fourth, I had unwavering belief in achievement of my outcome.  I had made a firm decision about my goal and I didn’t care if it took me 6 months or 2 years.  That level of commitment allows us to think more creatively, rationally assess the stumbles and problem solve more effectively because we do not succumb to the primitive negative mind.  We stay solution focused.

Fifth, I remembered to celebrate the wins – every time!  By celebrate I mean acknowledge each success.  When we acknowledge our part in the success, take ownership of it, it just feels great!  What is happening is serotonin is released and we feel good and feel motivated to keep going.  When we do this consistently something else starts to happen – our self-image begins to change; we create a belief that we are someone who achieves their goals.

It is amazing to look back and realise I was approaching my problem in a solution focused way – something I am now trained in helping others to do. Everyday I help people achieve their goals in health, work, relationships, life – and that helps me to consistently achieve my own goals too!”

About Ali: Ali Hollands is a registered, award winning clinical hypnotherapist based in our Maidstone clinic, working with you to eradicate anxiety and outperform your limits. She is best known for her work as a therapist, leading an enACT masterminding group for small business owners and speaking about how the brain works and how to make it work better. 

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