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Need a Kick-Start to Spring?



Need a Kick-Start to Spring? 

Winter is over and we are now beginning to see signs of Spring:

Longer days, the odd day of glorious sunshine and beautiful primroses and daffodils popping up in the Devon hedgerows and gardens.

This normally brightens the spirit.

Everything is OK in life but somehow your ‘get up and go’ has ‘got up and gone’?

At Inspired to Change Winkleigh in Devon, a number of clients have come to see me to get themselves back on track for spring. They have lost their ‘mojo’ and want it back!

Through the winter, we have been looking forward to and indeed expecting to be feeling better than this now and we can’t put a finger on why we aren’t. Our motivation is just not there and as a result it is difficult to get the energy to do anything, to concentrate on tasks and to make plans for the next few months.

As Solution Focused Hypnotherapists we get to work fast, focusing on what is going well and how we can move forward, rather than dwelling on what seems to be stuck or missing. This is precisely because focusing on the problem will not allow a solution to present itself, instead it will lead us to procrastinate and delay any action, whilst getting angry and disappointed with ourselves that we can’t seem to do anything!

At Inspired to Change we use a process of taking small steps towards our goals in a way which enables them to be realistic and manageable. Perhaps the goals can’t be seen at all to start with and that is often because we are looking for skills, qualities and inspiration from the wrong place – from outside, rather than within. It is not about looking for the positive per se, rather to accept things as they are and as a result you can begin to see things more positively and as we do the opportunities can be seen and grasped!

When we feel ‘stuck’, we can’t see the wood for the trees! Perspective is lost. This is because we are operating from a very negative part of the brain which encourages us to continue obsessing over what is wrong and what could go wrong! But, the great news is that we can re-train our brain to think and act differently. We can actually change how we respond and deal with things by re-wiring our brain.

I often explain to my clients that changing our thoughts and behaviour patterns is like standing on the top of a snowy mountain. You can look down the mountain and see a well-worn path to a destination you don’t want to go – this is the path of your current negative thoughts and behaviours.

However, looking down the mountain slope on the other side you can see where you actually do want to go – this is the path of more positive thoughts and behaviours; the only thing is, there is no path to get there and so you have to make one!

The first step into the virgin snow is the hardest but you make it down the mountain. The next time it is a little easier. A week on and your new path is now easier to follow as it has been well-used and the old path, well that is beginning to snow over.

This is brain re-wiring in action. The more we use our more positive behaviour and thought patterns, the stronger these neural connections will grow. And, the process is quick, taking about 6 weeks for this re-wiring process to occur.

I work with my clients in a clear and logical way to get them back on track. At Inspired to Change, we use a 5 stage process which can turn people’s lives around in as little as 6 weeks helping them understand why they are feeling how they are; helping them to set positive goals for the future; identifying and undo any negative behaviour patterns that may be holding them back; creating new positive behaviour patterns and then locking these in for permanent change.

About the Author: Emma Treby is based in our Mid-Devon clinic near Winkleigh.  Emma has owned and ridden horses for over 30 years and as a solution focused hypnotherapist specialises in coaching horse owners and riders to overcome any fear, regain confidence and achieve goals.

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