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Start the New School Year in a Positive Way with Hypnotherapy



How to start the new school year positively


Starting a new school year can be daunting for students, parents and teachers.

Will I get on with new people in my class? Did I pick the right options for subject choices? Will I be OK beginning a new routine? Will my teenager be able to get out of bed early enough? There are many potential worries and concerns.

At Inspired to Change we see many students who feel anxious about school for a variety of reasons – friendships, course work, grades, confidence, low self-esteem and learning how to cope with change.

Your brain doesn’t always like change because it’s constantly pattern matching and checking with your previous patterns of behaviour and feelings to ensure everything is safe. If you are in a new situation such as starting a new school it can set up warning flags which make you feel anxious, scared and nervous about the adjustments you’ll have to make.

One way to cope with these feelings is to turn them into positives, by imagining the anxious feelings, such as butterflies in your stomach or your heart beating faster, are actually excitement and enthusiasm about starting a new experience and there’s going to be amazing new things to learn.

Other ways to help start a new school year are to be prepared. Make sure well in advance you have the correct uniform and school supplies – any excuse to buy more stationery! My daughter’s advice is don’t be concerned about what other people think of you and make sure you do the things that feel right for you, such as choosing subjects you want to learn, not just because your friends have chosen them. Avoid the temptation to be competitive, or focusing on comparisons with friends or new people and be supportive and encouraging with each other.

Remember it can take time to settle in and feel comfortable in new surroundings, so don’t worry if this doesn’t happen immediately………it will be OK shortly.


About the Author: Carmen Harrington is a registered clinical hypnotherapist based in Inspired to Change’s Market Harborough clinic. She works with clients motivating them and enabling them to focus on making the most of their potential. Carmen is also a successful and experienced piano teacher.

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