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Stepping Up Your Mind-Set



Stepping Up Your Mind-Set

We often talk about the remedial, curative effect of hypnotherapy and how it transforms the lives of our clients from being a painful struggle to feeling in control and back on track.

But what if your life is already on track? 

Surely you don’t need us anymore…or do you?

The answer is yes, but only if you want us!

All over the country we are finding that, more and more people are coming to us to take their lives to the next level – whether that is business, sport, mind-set – LIFE! The awareness that our thoughts dictate a great deal of our living reality, including how successful we are means that more and more people are seeking out hypnotherapy as a way to develop themselves and to improve every area of their lives.

That’s how it was for Nazira*, a successful business owner who came to see our Maidstone hypnotherapist Ali Hollands last year.  Her home life was good, business was on the up and her children were all doing well.  When Ali asked her how she was going to help Nazira’s reply was “I have a rule, when my business goes up to the next level, so do I!”

According to Ali “That was music to my ears” because, as Ali says “I specialise in helping people eradicate anxiety and out perform their limits. I’ve worked with semi professional sports men and women to do just that and increasingly I’m taking on successful professionals and business owners who want to tap into the power of an enhanced mind-set to give them the competitive edge.  It was really exciting.”

Before hypnotherapy Nazira knew she had some old habits that were slowing down the progress of her business. She said of working with Ali “It was fascinating learning how my brain works and being able to see my old problems for what they were, just some out-dated programming that I needed to delete and replace.  It was amazing to be able to see how stuff I had been carrying for most of my life was affecting my business decisions…and as soon as I figured that out I had the motivation to change!”

Nazira worked with Ali over 12 sessions, split into two blocks of six.  The first set were weekly, designed to create fast momentum and accelerated learning on Nazira’s part.  The second block was spaced out first every two weeks and then moving further apart.  This was to give Nazira the opportunity to ‘go it alone’ and explore her own ways of continuing to develop, because it is vital to have the skills and confidence to stay at this new performance level independently, and as therapists we always want to empower our clients to independence.

Nazira now comes to see Ali every now and again for a ‘top up and download’ and says “the reminder sessions are those little adjustments that make all the difference and allow me to keep moving myself and my business up.  I’m confident I can do most of it on my own, but I like to see Ali every few months, often just to remind me how well I’m doing!”

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*name and dates changed to protect privacy