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Top Tips to Enjoy a Different Christmas



Top Tips to Enjoy a Different Christmas

There is no denying that this Christmas is going to be different! But that doesn’t mean we can’t have just as much fun!

Why not try one of our Top Tips below and really make this Christmas special?

Tip 1 – Enjoy a Family Meal

You might be wondering how you can still have a family meal when you can’t have everyone around but you can still feel connected with your family even when they aren’t there! Why not give each branch of the family the task of creating a recipe for one of the courses. That recipe can be shared with everyone else and you can all sit down to the same family meal, sharing all your own personal recipes, even when you’re in different locations.

Tip 2 – Look Forward to Reconnecting

Lockdown and restrictions around Covid will not go on forever (although it might feel like it sometimes!). Rather than feeling like you are cancelling aspects of Christmas, you enjoy why not delay them instead? If you enjoy meeting up with friends for a glass of bubbly before Christmas why not send them a gift voucher to help re-create that experience in the new year (even if it’s a supermarket voucher to buy a bottle of bubbly! The message you give around what the voucher is for will make all the difference). Or there are plenty of experience vouchers you can get from afternoon tea to zip wire adventures or zoo keeping experiences which you can cash in once restrictions are lifted.

Tip 3 – Family Games Night

Who doesn’t enjoy board games at Christmas! All the family rivalry and competition, making up your own rules and celebrating those wins (even if there was a bit of cheating going on!). But we don’t have to put the games away this year just because we can’t all sit around the same table. Why not look for online alternatives where you can play along together? Bingo nights, quiz nights and charades are just a few of the games we can all play over Zoom with very little required, not to mention the online versions of games like Scrabble, Monopoly and The Game of Life. You can even do virtual jigsaws together! A quick Google or trip to the App Store will give you plenty of ideas!

Tip 4 – Family Movie Night

We always feel closer to people when we are doing the same thing – even if we’re hundreds of miles apart! Sitting down to watch the same movie at the same time gives us a sense of connection. Why not find a favourite Christmas movie and book in a time when you all sit down with your popcorn and favourite Christmas drink. Schedule your own ad breaks where you can chat over facetime or message about the movie so far. You could even send a food parcel to everyone with popcorn or sweets so you feel like you are sharing your movie treats!

Tip 5 – Drive Through Christmas Lights

We might not have the magic of our high street’s Christmas lights turn-on events but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy them! Why not take a drive around your local area to see all the amazing lights, not just in the public areas but in residential areas too! You’ll often find streets where many of the residents have gone the extra mile. Some areas even have downloadable maps so you don’t miss the best bits!

Tip 6 – Make Your Own Christmas Decorations

I know some of you are aces at making your own Christmas Wreaths and decorations but if you’re not maybe this is the year to start! Why not see what greenery you have in your garden? Pick up some tree cones on a walk or pick some sprigs of holly? Your local garden centres are still open and they often have plenty of materials you can use to make beautiful creations. Not only is it fun to make but your decorations will be completely unique!

Tip 7 – Make Your Own Christmas Crackers

How lovely to open a cracker that has been made especially for you by a loved one! One that has been made with you in mind, a joke that will actually make you laugh, a small gift that is actually useful or thoughtful, and a paper hat you really want to wear! Why not have each family member make a cracker for someone else so everyone gets this lovely experience. And if there are loved ones who can’t join you around your table send their cracker to them so they can still join in with the fun!

Tip 8 – Make It Personal

Having photo’s of our loved ones around us makes us feel closer, even if we can’t see each other face to face so this is the time to update the photo’s you have around the house, print out some new ones or why not get some novelty Christmas decorations made with your photo’s on – how fun to have a bauble with gran’s face on smiling at you every time you walk past the tree!

Tip 9 – Do Something Different

Our brain loves the novelty of when we do things differently so why not find a different way to do a Christmas tradition or create a whole new tradition? Christmas dinner doesn’t have to be about turkey and all the trimmings, presents can be themed or homemade, Secret Santa doesn’t’ have to be delivered in person…

Tip 10 – Get Creative

Have a go at making some of your favourite snacks or foods you’d normally buy – you’ll be surprised at how fun it can be and how delicious they can taste! My favourite is to make my own chocolate orange by dipping orange segments in chocolate – yumm!


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