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Unlocking Your Brain’s Potential – the Power of Hypnotherapy



Unlocking Your Brain’s Potential

Did you know that we use less than 10% of the full capacity of our brain on a day to day basis? That’s like driving around all day in first gear…in a Ferrari!  What a waste!

Just imagine how much more focused, productive and motivated you could be if you unlocked just 10% more.  How different would your life be?

When people come to see us at Inspired to Change they often have a very specific issue they want to resolve – maybe stress or anxiety have taken hold of their life, or IBS or OCD are holding them back.

 They aren’t always convinced that hypnotherapy will help them when we first meet – they’ve watched Derren Brown and Back in the Room, and they might be a bit sceptical! – but a quick run through how our brain works and why it’s causing them so many problems often provides a few lightbulb moments. Finally they are speaking to someone who can explain what is going on!

But something rather fantastic happens when we are helping people overcome these issues.  Suddenly lots of other things in their lives get better too!  I can recall a lady who came to me as she’d lost confidence  riding her horse whose work issues resolved themselves; a young girl who was struggling with a phobia of dogs who was able to get up on stage and sing in a musical performance; a man who was struggling with a relationship break-up whose 20 year claustrophobia suddenly cleared up too…I could go on!

So what’s going on?  At Inspired to Change we work in a holistic way in the true sense of the word.  If we can help our clients unlock some of their brain’s true capacity, help them to be an all round better version of themselves then suddenly, they are able to solve issues that have plagued them all their lives. They can now see things in a different light and things that seemed like big issues in the past, they can now just take in their stride. Suddenly they are more motivated at work, more focused at home in their family time, keeping in touch with their friends more, just enjoying life more.

Which is great – what a brilliant side effect of coming to see us for help!  But why should that wonderful feeling only be available to those who have issues to overcome? Wouldn’t we all like to be more motivated, more productive and enjoying life more?

I was chatting with a business contact just last week who said that she would love to have some hypnotherapy sessions with me, as she could clearly see how they would help her, but she didn’t have a problem that needed fixing.  That’s like only taking your car to the garage once it’s broken down!  We know that if we take it in for a regular service it will run better, more economically, for longer and cost us less in the long run.  So why don’t we look after ourselves in the same way?

To receive the benefit of hypnotherapy you don’t need to have a problem to fix.  All you need is a desire to be just a little bit better. Whether that’s being more productive at work, being more motivated to go to the gym, switching off from work and truly “being” with your family (without sneakily trying to answer work emails!), maybe you’ve got a project you’d like to focus on, a new business to start, or maybe you have a dream, something that has been with you for years, something you know you’d love to achieve but you’re not sure where to start, or it seems too big or unachievable.  These are all things hypnotherapy can help you with. Hypnotherapy helps you to unlock so much of that untapped potential in your brain so that you can achieve whatever you want to achieve!

So you don’t need to go looking for problems to get the benefit of seeing one of our Inspired to Change Hypnotherapists!  If you’re wondering if hypnotherapy could help you to achieve something then why not book in for a FREE initial consultation to find out how we can help you.

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