Inspired to Change

Hypnotherapy after Surgery



Having had two knee replacements and one hip replaced because of arthritis I was feeling quite low and struggling to sleep and focus on what I needed to do business wise. After talks with my wife she suggested going to see Emma and boy am I glad I did!

When I first visited Emma I was a little aprehensive, thinking “why and what am I here for?” But that all changed very quickly. Talking at first about what I was there for and then all these different problems started to come into my head, very negative thoughts, not interested, wanted to push everything to the back of my mind, feeling very tired and in general quite low.

Having got the CD from Emma I went to bed that night thinking, “this is going to help – I don’t think so!” But it did! I had the best sleep for more that 5 months, felt more relaxed in the morning, and had a great start to the day just by feeling relaxed. The next few days and weeks during my other visits to Emma, more and more things in my working and private life became so much easier for me and this was down to understanding my self and what had be explained to me. I still listen to the CD and I am still sleeping well and my business head is back in the right place and frame of mind.

Tom, Devon