Inspired to Change

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety and Depression



I was struggling with my anxiety and beginning to feel very depressed. I was becoming withdrawn and turning into a recluse. I chose hypnotherapy as I didn’t see any other way. I felt as if I had exhausted all options apart from Hypnotherapy.

I have learnt a lot about how my brain works which I feel has made me a lot more understanding of my own and other people’s problems. I have grown to except the fact that I’m not an anxious person I am just a girl who has bouts where she is anxious.

When people think of hypnotherapy they assume that someone is taking control of their mind and manipulating them. In reality they are simply helping you to open up and realise what you are capable of. Everything you manage and succeed through hypnotherapy is because of the person themselves and sometimes we need a little push to discover ourselves. It was Emma that did this for me.

Sophie, Devon