Inspired to Change

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety



I was very anxious and worried all the time. I had been trying to work out how to overcome this for a few months but couldn’t see any way forward. After talking to Emma I thought she would be able to help.

I found the sessions with Emma very enjoyable! It was very helpful to understand how my brain worked and that I wasn’t completely bonkers! I always came away feeling much calmer and more relaxed.

I can now deal with my worries and anxieties by either dealing directly with the problem or by realising that there is nothing I can do and push it from my mind. I am much happier and more relaxed and feel able to deal with whatever life throws at me. I find that I am organising my time better and can achieve more.

If you are thinking of using hypnotherapy definitely do it! It does work and it does change your life! It may take several weeks before you realise it is working, but stick with it and you will see results.

Georgina, Devon