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Hypnotherapy for Feeling Tired and Overwhelmed



How Hypnotherapy Helped Me Cope With Feeling Tired & Overwhelmed

“I was feeling tired and often overwhelmed by day-to-day life and as a result felt I was unable to be the parent I wanted to be. I was struggling to exercise as much as I wanted to and was eating unhealthy foods. It was then that I decided to book in for some solution-focused hypnotherapy sessions with Kerry.

I have found the sessions to be a very positive and relaxing experience. The focus on ‘what’s been good’ at the start of each session is a lovely way to reflect and share the achievements of my week; thinking about how I could feel even better is exciting!

I wasn’t sure how it would work doing the sessions over Zoom however, it has been very convenient. I already had a positive relationship with Kerry so I immediately felt comfortable sharing information with her over Zoom. As I don’t have to travel to meet Kerry in person I’ve been able to easily fit my sessions around my work and family life.

Since doing these sessions I feel much lighter! The heavyweight I used to carry around with me has gone and I feel more energised. I have found it MUCH easier to get out of bed in the morning, I have the energy to go running and I feel more in control of what I am eating as well as my emotions. Sometimes it’s like I’m in a helicopter looking down at myself – I can see when I’m in my primitive brain and I am able to either do something to move away from this or accept where I am and manage myself accordingly.

I would really encourage anyone who is curious to give solution-focused hypnotherapy a try. Through my sessions with Kerry, I’ve been able to understand more about how hypnotherapy works and I can see how it could support a huge range of people.

Kerry has a warm and gentle approach and I feel safe in her hands. She is excellent at explaining how hypnotherapy works and how the brain works more generally. I’ve also been able to use the knowledge Kerry has given me to support my son during the lockdown. It’s made a big difference to how he sees his emotions (and therefore himself).”

Laura, North Somerset (Online) 

Kerry practices online from her therapy room in South Gloucestershire using Zoom – the great news is that Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is just as effective carried out online in this way which means she can help clients from all over the world!

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