Chronic Pain

Hypnotherapy for chronic pain

How can hypnotherapy help you with chronic pain?

At your initial consultation you will be given an understanding of how the brain works and an explanation of how I can help you to cope better with pain. Hypnosis can be used to direct attention away from the pain sensations as well as transforming your perception of the pain sensations. This can inhibit or slow the transmission of pain messages from the source. Self hypnosis techniques can also be taught to help with ongoing pain management.

The British Pain Society define chronic pain as follows:

Chronic pain is continuous, long-term pain of more than 12 weeks or after the time that healing would have been thought to have occurred in pain after trauma or surgery.

The definition of Neuropathic pain:
Neuropathic pain is pain initiated or caused by a primary lesion or dysfunction in the peripheral or central nervous system. For example pain following shingles, or an amputation, or spinal cord trauma or pain that occurs in diabetics or in patients with multiple sclerosis. 

Many complementary therapies have been found to be useful as part of an overall pain management regime including hypnotherapy.

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