Hypnotherapy for Confidence & self esteem

From time to time in life we could all do with an extra boost of self confidence either to help us on our way with a new job, meeting new people, getting out and about in the world, speaking in public or just generally feeling better about ourselves.

Hypnotherapy can help improve confidence and self esteem by getting us to focus on our positive aspects and retraining the brain to think from the left pre-frontal cortex which is where all the ‘feel good’ neuro-transmitters are made.

The first step to feeling more confident is to imagine how that would feel for you. What would you be able to do if you had the confidence you desired? Imagine how you would feel walking into an interview calm, confident and collected rather than a bag of nerves. Or what about standing up to give a talk feeling excited and motivated rather than anxious and panicky.

The difference that self confidence can make is astounding, and once your new confident behaviour has become second nature, you may find yourself able to do things you hadn’t even considered before.

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