Public Speaking

Hypnotherapy for public speaking nerves

Does your job require you to speak to a group of people on a regular basis?

Do you get very nervous before speaking?

Do you experience dry mouth, fast heat beat, sweating, mind going blank, shaking legs?

Perhaps networking and being introduced to new people triggers your anxiety?

Hypnotherapy can help you learn to speak with confidence. We help you to…

  • Learn about why your brain lets you down when you need it most
  • How to reduce general anxiety
  • Learn to love the situation
  • Scramble memories of past failures
  • Get used to speaking without hesitation
  • Be more organised

Many people think one session will be enough, but it’s much more effective if you can do at least 4 or 5 sessions. If you know you’re going to speak on a particular date, make sure you book sooner rather than later, so that we can help you get your message out and enjoy the day!

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