Stress & Anxiety

Hypnotherapy for Stress & Anxiety

Stress or anxiety is a common problem in today’s society and most people will encounter these issues at some point. A certain amount of stress can be dealt with naturally, as long as it stays within your ‘safe levels’. However, when it becomes too much for you to cope with it can affect your quality of life. Excessive or prolonged stress can lead to illness, physical and emotional exhaustion, increased anxiety or even panic attacks.

The physical symptons of severe stress can be:

  • Panic & anxiety attacks
  • Fatigue and tiredness, lethargy
  • High blood pressure, chest pain, palpitations
  • Frequent stomach pain and heart burn
  • Frequent colds, infections
  • Rashes, itches, hives
  • Headaches, dizziness, neck ache, back pain
  • Heart Disease
  • Auto immune system illness like alopecia

Psychological effects of stress can be:

  • Difficulty in decision making
  • Insomnia, nightmares, bad dreams
  • Difficulty in concentrating
  • Anxiety and nervousness
  • Feeling of loneliness and worthlessness
  • Irritability, mood swings, angry outburst

Behavioural signs of stress can be:

  • Neglect of punctuality
  • Loss of interest in appearance, Social withdrawal and isolation
  • Not sharing thoughts with others, and decrease in social interaction
  • Excessive activities like exercise and buying
  • Excessive gambling
  • Not taking interest in work, not feeling motivated to do anything
  • Increase in alcohol consumption, smoking or taking drugs

Do you identify some of these symptoms as your own? – If yes, you need to take some action now!

Hypnotherapy gives you the ability to cope in different situations in a calm and effective way. You will be able to control your anxiety levels and have a calmer, more confident approach to all situations. Success can be aided by the use of self-hypnosis and/or a relaxation CD, recreating the calm state experienced during the hypnotherapy session.

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