Hypnotherapy for Teens

Being a teenager is tricky. Hormones, emotions and school pressures, plus the need to be accepted and liked by your peers. The last thing a teen wants is to feel judged and constantly worried or anxious.

1 in 8 children and young adults between the ages of 5-19 have a mental health disorder and half of all mental health problems are established by the age of 14. So if your teen is struggling they are not alone.

Did you know hypnotherapy can help teens with their social fears, help them overcome feelings of self consciousness and insecurity? It can also help with exam stress by lowering those feelings of anxiety so they can focus and concentrate on their studies. It can also encourage a more positive self image, improve self-confidence, dealing with social media and teach techniques on how to think and act positively.

Hypnotherapy can help your teen to understand what’s happening in their brain and to realise it’s normal to be moody at times. A teenagers brain has matured in some areas but not all, and it’s still out of sync with being able to make good decisions and recognise the consequences of risk.

At Inspired to Change we work with teenagers to help them create a better understanding of what is going on for them so they can create better relationships, a more positive outlook and find their own solutions to the day to day challenges of being a teen so their thoughts aren’t developing in to self-harm or suicidal thoughts.

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