Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy for weight loss

Fed up of Yo-Yo dieting? Want a balanced approach to food and exercise?

If you’re looking for a permanent solution to weight issues then our Harmony™ package is for you!

Many of our clients say that although they know exactly what they need to do to lose weight, they find it a challenge to do it. Does this sound familiar?  If so, our Harmony™ package has been designed specifically for you!

In six steps across twelve sessions, you gain the knowledge to stop this inner conflict and the skills to get you focused and on track with a balanced approach to food and exercise and in effect, the results you want!

1: Your Mind: Understanding why the way your mind works has an impact on your weight

Weight loss starts with what’s going on in your head and so the first thing we do is to help you understand how your brain and your mind work and why that has an impact on your weight.

When you understand what is going on in your brain you will understand why you end up in conflict with yourself about what we know we “should” be doing and what we ultimately end up doing. Once you have this understanding you can begin to regain control. Understanding is the first stage to getting back on track, living your life in Harmony with food rather than in conflict.

2: Your Goals: Designing the pathway for the change you want to see

Many of us set unrealistic weight loss goals which we can never achieve leading to feelings of demotivation and often abandoning our good intentions after just a few weeks. How many people have signed up to join the gym in January only to find they’ve stopped going by February? How many people have stocked up on lots of healthy new foods only to find themselves slipping back into old habits just a few days later?

Now you understand how your brain works we will teach you how to get it working towards your goals rather than away from them, creating positive, achievable goals which will motivate you and help you towards a more balanced approach to food.

3: Your Mindset: Changing your beliefs, thoughts and feelings about food and exercise

Many of our clients tell us that they see food as a reward after a stressful day or eat for comfort when they are feeling low. And in direct contrast they often view exercise as something they “need” to do that isn’t enjoyable and is often painful!

We will help you change your mindset to food as a fuel rather than as a reward and help you achieve a more balanced approach to life so that you get your rewards and comfort through activities that impact on your health in a positive way.

4: Your Patterns: Identifying and letting go of behavioural patterns that hold you back

Many of our unhealthy behaviours around food stem from bad habits, both in thought and action. We will help you to identify any negative behaviour patterns and thoughts that might be holding you back and work with your subconscious brain to overwrite them releasing you from that inner conflict between what we know we “should” be doing and what we ultimately end up doing instead.

5: Your Future: Creating new positive and helpful behaviours

By using modern, well established and proven techniques we help you consciously and sub consciously create positive new behaviour patterns that will stick empowering you to enjoy life in the way you want to, creating a harmonious relationship with food and exercise.

6: Your New Habits: Turning your new behaviours into life-long habits

The last stage of Harmony enables you to turn your new learning into your natural, long-term way of living. You will have achieved the feeling of being in control of your thoughts, feelings and decisions around food, feeling positive and confident in your new skills and balanced approach to food and exercise. We will work with you to embed your new way of being into your subconscious so that your new behaviours and habits will become your new way of life.

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