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Hypnotherapy for Mouse Phobia



Hypnotherapy for Mouse Phobia

I have suffered with a lifelong phobia of mice and this came to a head when I saw a mouse in my flat recently, making me feel physically sick with palpitations and causing me to shake.

I moved out of my apartment for a while and found it difficult to sleep.

I found the whole experience of Hypnotherapy with Ali soothing and calming. Ali helped me to relax and kind of “rewind” on what was bothering me.  In all I enjoyed the whole experience.

The benefit of having gone through hypnotherapy with Ali is that I no longer feel disgusted at the thought of seeing a mouse. I am able to look at them on television or in books and even on the poison boxes in shops. This may sound ridiculous but for me it is real. In the past I would have avoided certain aisles in shops so I don’t see the mouse/rat poison.

I will soon be going to a pet shop just to look at a mouse from a distance.

Seeking help through hypnotherapy is the best thing I could have done for my phobia.  I strongly advise getting help through this medium. If it has helped me then it can help anyone and I only wish I had done this years ago.

Gillian, Maidstone