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Hypnotherapy for Weightloss



Hypnotherapy for Weightloss

I was in a pretty good place generally when I approached Ali for help around issues with consistency with diet and exercise to achieve my goal of a healthier life style and weight. I had the knowledge I required around food and exercise, but just couldn’t seem to stick with my goal on an ongoing basis, which was leading to frustration. I just needed to break the cycle!

I really enjoyed the sessions with Ali. From the first phone call I felt at ease with her and had great confidence in her experience and knowledge. The first consultation was very insightful into how the mind works and how the sessions would run.

The trances were incredible. Some required a good degree of concentration as she walked you through scenarios that you needed to address, others were pure relaxation!

The relaxation audio Ali provides you with is fantastic, I listened to it most bedtimes, although I rarely reached the end as I would drift off to sleep.

I now feel very much in control. I have unlearnt and discarded weight loss approaches that are not helpful to me and were in fact holding me back. I have noticed a sense of increased calm and feeling more in control. Oddly I’m less focused on food and I have managed to drop a jean size, which is great. Weight loss was part of my aim, but I’m most happy about the subtle switch in my thinking about food.

I would highly recommend hypnotherapy. Ali’s approach, whilst challenging at times (ie making you think about things differently) isn’t at all threatening. I never felt judged by her.

Sandra, Maidstone