Inspired to Change

How Hypnotherapy boosted Horse Riding Confidence



I lacked confidence in horse riding something, I’d done all my life but at that time the thought of it filled me with dread. I was suffering from anxiety.  I chose to see Emma as I knew she understood horses and lack of confidence relating to this.

My visits with Emma were enjoyable relaxing and productive.  I’ve learnt more about myself, particularly the primitive mind and I now see this in others. I know how to empty my stress bucket and more importantly when it is getting full. I feel less need to challenge myself all the time. I look forward to strengthening my mental health and building resilience, enjoying my riding and enriching relationships with colleagues, family and horses.

If you are thinking of using hypnotherapy go for it but expect to have to do some work for yourself, it’s a tool, not a fix!

Sarah, Devon