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How Hypnotherapy Brought Back the Joy in Life



How Hypnotherapy Brought Back the Joy in Life

Before signing up with Emma, I was not in a good place. I’d forgotten how to laugh. How to be silly. I’d forgotten how to enjoy the things that gave me pleasure. I knew I was holding on by my fingertips and all my energy tokens, (mental and otherwise) were always almost spent, even before I got out of bed in the morning. I knew what was causing the draining of my resources but couldn’t see a way forward.

Working with Emma was always a pleasure! Seeking help was alien to me. I have always been the strong one to whom everyone turned. Indeed, they still were. I felt at home in Emma’s ‘office space’ given it was an environment I was comfortable in (horses, stables and fields in the vicinity are always an excellent starting point for me!). This great foundation was built upon immediately by Emma’s relaxed yet professional style. Pragmatic. Solutions. All worked well for my style and wiring.

One of the main benefits of working with Emma was taking time out for me. Talking through things in a safe environment with a non-judgemental ear. Also, someone who has animals themselves and therefore understands the rollercoaster they unwittingly put you through! Whilst I knew the cause of the stress, I did not have the confidence to trust my gut, nor to listen to my inner voice of reason. After a few sessions, I did take the plunge. Took the action that needed to happen and it was life-changing. Whilst I still have occasions where I’d like to hide under the duvet, these are few and far between. Pre-Emma, these episodes seemed to be a permanent state of being. Now, if I feel one coming my way, I know what to do to head it off at the pass. I am back enjoying my life and my hobbies. I am comfortable with who I am. I am back in control. Oh … and I have re-discovered my silly side too!

I was initially dubious about hypnotherapy, being someone with a finely honed sense of cynicism. However, I am a convert! Just taking action and booking an appointment makes you feel better. Getting off the hamster wheel for the duration of the appointment makes you feel better again. Spending time in a focused, positive environment does the same! I work on the basis that if I can think of three (at least) reasons to do something, then it’s worth trying. So, to anyone thinking of trying hypnotherapy I’d say, go on, give it a whirl!

Juliet, Devon


Emma practices from her Devon therapy room near Winkleigh.  If you would like to find out how hypnotherapy could help you with disrupted sleep patterns contact Emma to book your FREE initial consultation

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