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How Hypnotherapy Helped My Addiction With Sugary Drinks



Hypnotherapy for Addiction

After a 28 year addiction to fizzy sugary drinks and in turn bad eating habits I decided I needed help. I had an informal and relaxing consultation with Caroline and decided that hypnotherapy may work.

I couldn’t understand how I could not break this addiction as I have a good career, wonderful family and friends but Caroline explained about the brain, chemicals and thoughts and it all made sense.

In a short time, I have now broken my addiction and have no urge to drink another sugary drink. A combination of hypnotherapy, positive thinking methods and Caroline’s relaxation CD has worked. To be honest I still can’t believe it – my way of thinking has dramatically changed and I feel positive about the future and the prospect of a better diet and lifestyle.

I am very proud of my achievement but realise I would have never been able to do this without Caroline’s help, guidance and support.

Caroline, Kettering