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How Hypnotherapy Helped With Anxiety and Depression



How Hypnotherapy Helped With Anxiety and Depression

I have lived with depression and anxiety my whole life, and while medication was helping me get by day to day, I chose to try hypnotherapy as a way of being able to enjoy my life, rather than just survive it.

I looked forward to each session, and to how Ali could enable me to use positive action and positive interaction to proactively develop a sound ability to think positively too. It was a peaceful and meaningful time away from my usual responsibilities and Ali made me feel completely at ease. Each session, she explained how my brain worked before the therapy, what it would do and how it would change these thought patterns to that the rational part of my brain was back in control and I felt able to cope. I learnt so much in the sessions, and was able to trust completely in the process and in Ali’s abilities as a hypnotherapist.

Having that complete trust in the hypnotherapy process definitely paid off! I was in no way expecting a cure, but what I did gain was exactly what I’d hoped for – I understand my brain and thought patterns so much better now, and have ways of maintaining this new-found ability to seek out the positives in my everyday life. I am in control of how depression and anxiety affects me daily, and not only do I feel able to cope with it, I definitely feel I am enjoying my life and embracing my ‘quirks’! I have continued to use a journal to summarise the best bits of every day, even if it’s just during a low period when I need to take action to pull myself out of it, and have the relaxation audio to hand at all times if I’m struggling to sleep or truly relax and recuperate.

If you’re considering hypnotherapy do it! Don’t think about how it works, will it work, what if it doesn’t etc. Trust the process completely, accept that it’s not a complete cure and that you need to be proactive and put in the effort, but it is absolutely worth it. The sense of clarity, control and self-compassion you will gain afterwards is way more effective than a cure.

Becca, Maidstone

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