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How Hypnotherapy Helped Build My Confidence



Hypnotherapy Builds Confidence

Before I worked with Caroline I was struggling with self-confidence issues, particularly around running an event every fortnight as part of my job role, where I found I was building up worry and anxiety and simply not enjoying that aspect of the job. I wanted to deal with this issue head on, and hoped that hypnotherapy would turn this pattern around, and help me enjoy my job more.

I found the experience of working with Caroline to be hugely enlightening and beneficial! The forward looking and solution-focused hypnotherapy has helped me tremendously; it has been an enlightening education, as to how our brains work, and why I was getting into the patterns I was getting in to.

I have found Caroline to be incredibly supportive, understanding, empathetic, motivating, and consistently professional and positive. I always feel like I can be at my most vulnerable without judgement, and always leave a visit feeling inspired, motivated and even more positive about life and where I am heading.

I now have a much greater understanding of how the brain works, and how I can actually be in much more control of my life, and how I approach it generally. I have gone from dreading a part of my job, to simply not worrying about it, and sometimes even enjoying that aspect of it!

The sessions have also helped me deal with other issues, such as dealing with difficult people, and learning how to support myself and move forward positively. The sessions also helped me identify how I was inadvertently hurting myself with negative self-talk, and taught me that you really are capable of choosing your own thoughts and attitudes to situations, and that life doesn’t just ‘happen to you’.

I now have a catalogue of helpful tools and knowledge which I can bring to any issue or situation that may arise, and now regularly see the many positive and happy things that I have in my life, and this is now what I focus on. I would genuinely say it has been life changing.

I would highly recommend hypnotherapy, and know that anyone, with any worry or issue, would greatly benefit from Caroline’s experience, skills, and talents. Caroline has taught me that things simply don’t have to stay as they are, life doesn’t just happen to you, and you can be so much more in control than you can ever think possible!


Julie, Oundle