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How Hypnotherapy Helped Following Marital Separation



How Hypnotherapy Helped Me Cope After Divorce

I was two years post marital separation. I was feeling overwhelmed by emotional baggage which had accumulated over a very long time. I was struggling to provide the usual family support to my children and other family members. I couldn’t really understand why. My daughter had undertaken therapy in the previous 12 months and I could notice a change in her moods and attitude. I also had a friend who seemed almost transformed with positivity – someone with similar personal circumstances. I chose hypnotherapy as I understood it to be a gentle non-invasive therapy that would help me to reorganise my thoughts a little like CBT.

I always enjoyed my hypnotherapy sessions. I felt totally open to chat about whatever came into my head. I loved the fact that Carmen is so knowledgeable in the subject and was happy to chat. Often, I would go off on tangents and talk about all sorts of subjects and Carmen was always happy to listen patiently and was  very informative when I asked questions. It became the highlight of my week because I knew that when I left I would feel uplifted and positive. I also thought the five-minute diary tool really helped me with my daily discipline to be focused on positivity. At night the recorded relaxation message was often useful when I couldn’t switch off – especially combing with a light sleep mask and lavender oil!

After working with Carmen, I feel stronger. I can control my thoughts better. I stop myself from focusing on negative interactions. I feel in control. I am again able to support family and friends. I am much more focused on my yen wellbeing, whether that is exercise, good music, positive interactions! I am conscious of being positive and doing things that make me happy – I spend less time trying to make others happy!

If you’re thinking of trying hypnotherapy, I’d say there’s nothing to lose. The value is intrinsic. You could spend the same amount on a decent handbag or coat! Approach hypnotherapy with an open mind and heart and trust your therapist.

 Gwen, Market Harborough


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