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How Hypnotherapy Helped Through The Loss Of A Miscarriage



How Hypnotherapy Helped Me With loss Through Miscarriage

An inability to conceive and multiple loss through miscarriages had become overwhelming and was affecting my ability to find joy in other areas of my life. I was sad and thinking about it all the time. I was feeling short fused at work and with my partner. I was retreating into myself in an attempt to protect myself.

Working with Emma was a very calming and very positive experience. It was quite easy to break the negative cycle when obvious alternatives were outlined to me. I think the solution-based focus was particularly important for me as it changed my mindset from “what is wrong” to “what can I do about it”. I looked forward greatly to seeing Emma and enjoyed our conversations. For me, Emma had a perfect mix of a scientific and caring nature. We carry out many of our daily interactions on a very superficial level, so it was nice to have a safe space for introspection without judgement and the couch work was very calming. Many of the techniques and much of the positive imagery has stayed with me very easily.

I no longer feel the old stressors in my life as acutely, having found solutions to combat them. I feel less bogged down with things and have a greater tolerance level when things don’t go my way. I see other’s expectations less as pressure and more as opportunities. I do not feel sad or overwhelmed any more, despite the situation not having changed.

I would highly recommend it. It has benefited me immensely.

Anon, Devon


Emma practices from her Devon therapy room near Winkleigh.  If you would like to find out how hypnotherapy could help you after experiencing a miscarriage contact Emma to book your FREE initial consultation

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