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How Hypnotherapy Helped Me Manage Negative Thinking



How Hypnotherapy Helped Me Manage Negative Thinking

I was looking at life negatively and even when I thought everything was OK it wasn’t, being negative was normal for me and I didn’t realise the effect it was having on me and the people around me. I saw a post by about how this can be turned around, It was proven and always worked.

Ali was a great! She made me think in a different way, never patronised me and has a great approach to learning. She’s super happy and I looked forward to each meeting to learn how I could change my thoughts and think the same way. There are so many good and funny things that happen in my life I never used to see before.

I’ve been given the skills to think positively, and can now apply these skills to everyday life. Its quite amazing, and it works. Whenever I doubt myself or am unsure it now kicks in automatically, it’s given me so much more confidence that I needed for my new job and it keeps getting stronger and stronger as I work more on my own thinking and the effect it has on the world around me.

If you’re not sure about hypnotherapy do it! It has worked for me, don’t think about the money it’s by far the best investment I have made in myself. Although my sessions have finished Ali will still happily see me for updates.

Greg, High Wickham (online client)