Inspired to Change

How Hypnotherapy Helped Me To Build Confidence



Hypnotherapy to Build Confidence

I have suffered all my life with anxiety and a lack of confidence. When this began affecting a new job that I really should have enjoyed I decided it was time for a change. I saw an advert for Inspired to Change online and became interested in what hypnotherapy could do for me.

Even after the initial consultation, I began to feel better about myself. Gary made it clear that he understood everything I was going through and explained why I felt the way I did. He was brilliant at explaining exactly how each hypnotherapy session would help me and why it would help me. After each session, I became more confident and less anxious.

Without the anxiety holding me back I can enjoy myself in situations that I previously couldn’t handle. I now have the confidence to try new things. It gave me more ambition and now I am in the beginning stages of planning my own business.

If you are considering using this service I highly recommend it. Gary gives you the ability to take control and shape your own life.

James, Peterborough