Inspired to Change

How Hypnotherapy Helped Me Cope With Life



Hypnotherapy for Depression

I had been getting quite low in spirit and unable to cope with normal daily life, tearful, tired and feeling anxious a lot of the time. My sleep patterns were disturbed by an ongoing medical condition so I was getting up through the night every couple of hours. I had been putting up with this way of life for some time when a friend put me in touch with Caroline.

Caroline was breath of fresh air. She explained easily and kindly to me how and why I was feeling like I was without me having to unload all the stuff going on in my head that was making me feel depressed. As I listened to her and began to understand my own head I began to feel better. Knowing I could make a difference to myself was surprisingly reassuring. Then I started the audio CD for relaxation every night and from day one I slept all night! I did my ‘homework’ Caroline gave me and I began to feel in a whole new different place.

I found working with Caroline was so easy, she has a way of relaxing you from the outset and because of that, I could understand what she was teaching me. She made me feel safe and that I wasn’t going mad! With the knowledge Caroline has given me about learning to relax, think positively and how to keep my serotonin levels up I feel sure this will help me in the future.

I live a long way from Caroline so I did my sessions with her via Skype and I would certainly do it again this way.

If you are considering hypnotherapy then definitely give it ago, it’s made my life enjoyable again!


Linda, Lancashire