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How Hypnotherapy Helped Me Run A Marathon



Hypnotherapy for Sporting Performance

I originally went to see Ali as I was training for the London marathon and was having difficulty sleeping. During the first consultation, Ali managed to dig a bit deeper and we decided not only to work on the sleep problem but also on confidence-building for the marathon.

Each session with Ali was both emotional, and enlightening. Ali takes time to explain how the brain works and gently teases out the answers that you already have in your head. I found the sessions relaxing and therapeutic. The relaxation tape that I listened to each night before bed was also really helpful for reinforcing what I had learned in between sessions.

Quite often, seemingly random issues would pop up which we would address in the session too.

I used the techniques that Ali taught me during the marathon and felt that I was mentally prepared for it. And my sleep has improved! I still use the techniques Ali taught me in my day to day life and work. I also have signed up for another marathon and will use the race visualisation techniques again.

I have no hesitation in recommending Ali if you feel in need of help! She is a very genuine person and adept at getting you to answer your own questions!

Sheila, Maidstone