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How Hypnotherapy Helped Me To Live Smoke Free



How Hypnotherapy helped me to live Smoke-Free

Before trying hypnotherapy I had tried to quit smoking cold turkey countless times. I had been able to make it to a few months before but the stresses of life have usually sent me straight back to smoking. I chose to try hypnotherapy as I have been feeling positive and wanting a little help with the final push. I didn’t want to try nicotine replacement or other chemical-based aids but I found doing it alone was too difficult. Also, I had heard a few positive stories from friends and colleagues.

Ali is an absolutely wonderful and buoyant person. Working with her was a positive and encouraging experience and gave me an unexpected boost of positivity and confidence from the session that I am truly grateful for.

It is still early days for smoking cessation but so far, the hypnotherapy session has helped my mind continue to say no to the voices in my head urging me to give in. It is still an excruciatingly painful thing to do and addiction shouldn’t be taken lightly, but it has been 5 days so far and I’m still smoke-free! Hoping to remain smoke-free but also, hoping it’ll get easier as time passes.

To anyone thinking of visiting a hypnotherapist, for whatever reason, I would say go for it. It is a truly positive experience, focusing on yourself and wanting to be the best you, you can be is something more people should consider doing. And, having a little help is not a bad thing but a very constructive way to start feeling better about yourself!

Anon, Maidstone


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