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How Hypnotherapy Helped Me With Motivation



How Hypnotherapy Helped Me With My Motivation


I decided it was time to seek professional support to enable me to tackle the decreasing motivation and increasing anxieties that have been creeping into all areas of my life for some time now. I was not “in a really bad place” but felt that I shouldn’t have to be that low before I could justify doing something about it. I was confident that if I could improve the quality and length of sleep that I get I would have a positive start to the day instead of feeling that I “needed something” to get me through it. I had been to one of Caroline’s “Anxiety in Children” workshops at our local primary school. The “science bit” made a lot of sense to me, I warmed to her sense of understanding and practical tips and thought that it made sense to go to someone I had had a positive experience with previously.

Despite not really being sure what I was getting into, I approached my free initial consultation with a sense of excitement. I wasn’t really sure how I would explain to her exactly what I was after as I couldn’t really explain it to myself. After that introduction, I looked forward to my sessions and found them very enjoyable. Caroline is a true professional or a talented actress (I’m not quite sure which -maybe both?) as she appeared to enjoy them too! This enabled me to relax even more and enjoy sharing my rather crazy ideas and sense of humour with her.

I have learned that investing a little time in myself has created far more time in the day where I can be more productive and useful to myself and those around me. I wake less often in the night and I rarely lie in bed fretting about things I can do nothing about at 3am. The quality of my sleep has improved dramatically and I don’t start the day physically and emotionally drained. I know the things that help me “recharge” in the day if I am hitting a low spot and I get a lot more done in the evenings. Indeed, my post-school pick up “low” has disappeared on most days. I am calmer with my children and manage to find ways to bring a little spontaneous laughter into the room on far more occasions than I used to and am more tolerant of those around me (well, the ones who deserve it!). I recognise the warning signs when I am flagging and I have learned what helps me get back on track. I aim to continue looking after myself in this way.

If you have identified that you have a need for help and you are wondering if hypnotherapy will help it probably will. Some people think it’s rubbish but if you don’t then it shows your mind is open and it can be as effective as you want it to be. With the guidance and support of your professional you can identify your issues and plan small, yet significant steps to move towards the goals you set together. The “trance” part can be wonderfully relaxing and as comforting as the conscious conversations are enlightening. If you wonder, “Is there anything to lose by giving this a go?” then there probably isn’t, just a lost opportunity if you don’t!

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Caroline is based in our Northamptonshire clinic in Thrapston, near to Kettering, Rushden, Wellingborough, Oundle and Huntingdon. Caroline specialises in reducing stress and anxiety and building confidence and self esteem. If you would like to find out how hypnotherapy could help you reduce stress or anxiety contact Caroline to book your FREE initial consultation

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