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How Hypnotherapy Helped Me With My Dog Phobia



How Hypnotherapy Helped With A Dog Phobia

‘I came to see Emma to solve my dog phobia but she has done so much more, she has changed my outlook on life and I am very grateful for that, she has given me the freedom and confidence I need to get out more and live my life.’

Before Sally came to see Emma her phobia of dogs meant that she wasn’t venturing outside or visiting friends so often in case they had a dog, she’d lost her confidence and just couldn’t visit the places she wanted to anymore. This was also a difficult time for Sally as she’d recently lost her sister which was having an impact on her mood and her emotions seemed to follow that of a rollercoaster ride. She was so desperate to be able to go out that one day after chatting with her husband about it she decided something had to change

Sally had no idea how her thoughts and emotions were impacting on her phobia and confidence issues so it was a real relief for her when Emma explained about how her brain was working and how they could work together to make a positive change. Emma learned that Sally had a bucket list family holiday planned but was struggling feel excited and look forward to it and the guilt was fuelling her negative outlook further. She went away with a relaxation audio which she listened to each night before she went to sleep and was making a daily note of all the good things throughout her day. During sessions Sally experienced simple, easy and fun techniques to remove her phobia and session on session she became more relaxed and much happier.

When the sessions came to an end Sally had voluntarily already approached a dog much to her delight and was taking regular walks into town alone giving her a newfound freedom.

Sally went on to say ‘I plan to join the local WI on return from my holiday which I am now very much looking forward to’.


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