Inspired to Change

How Hypnotherapy Helped With More Than Just My Weight



Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

I was at a very low ebb, continually seeing the Doctor with something they could not diagnose correctly. I did feel overweight and unable to control my comfort eating. Having recently moved and found it difficult to manage my husband and daughter’s arguments, I really wanted to run away from it all. I went to see Emma, after picking up a leaflet at the hairdresser’s, with the intention of trying to lose weight…..Of course, all the other problems came to the surface and so I began a journey that would allow me to take control of my life

From the very first session, I felt different. It was so relaxing, without any stress, Emma gave me such insight into the way we behave and how important it is to empty the bucket each day. It wasn’t all plain sailing, but even when I had the diagnosis of Psoriasis Emma helped me put it into perspective. Week by week I felt more able to react differently to situations that I couldn’t change.

The main benefit I have found from hypnotherapy is the ability to avoid confrontations by using the intelligent part of the brain. I now feel so much more in control and almost float through my day. Of course, there are occasions when I may react in my old way, but I am also aware of what I should be doing. I only wish I had seen Emma years ago. Hopefully, this will make me a better person.

If you’re thinking about using hypnotherapy just Do IT, Don’t wait. I’m always saying everyone should have an Emma!

Maureen, Winkleigh