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How Hypnotherapy Helped My Disturbed Sleep & Low Energy



How Hypnotherapy Helped My Disturbed Sleep & Low Energy

I had problems relating to my family which had completely taken over my life. They were my every waking thought and often led to disturbed sleep. I always imagined the worst possible outcomes and would enter into complete panic or shutdown and withdraw from everyone. My energy levels were low and every day was a struggle. A family member suggested this form of therapy as she knew the scientific aspect would interest me.

From the outset I found Emma easy to talk to and the way she explained how the brain should work and why mine was unable to function properly made complete sense. I quickly found I could visualise the effect my ‘bucket’ was having. As our appointments progressed I was able to understand and use the strategies she was teaching me. The download helped me to relax and experience a more restful sleep. Couch time became easier and the use of ‘colour’ as she explained it made perfect sense straight away. The daily journal too is an excellent tool to help clarify my thoughts. It helps to see the positive and appreciate that I can deal with any negatives in a calm and rational way.

The benefits of my therapy are many. I am in control of my thoughts and actions now. When problems arise I don’t panic or retreat. I can approach them rationally and realise that at times there is nothing I can do and I accept that and no longer spend my thoughts and energies on ‘what ifs’. I have more confidence in myself and see and appreciate the positives that I have. My energy levels have greatly improved and I can enjoy things that in the past I made into a chore. I can accept others as they are. I feel more tolerant about situations and appreciate the fact that life will always present problems. That sometimes they can be helped but if they can’t that is to be accepted. We move on and don’t dwell on them. I look forward to my days now. I recognise when my ‘bucket’ is starting to fill and have the necessary tools to empty it. Thank you so, so much for your work with me.

I would recommend hypnotherapy to anyone who feels they need help in any aspect of their life. To find pleasure in life and learn how to face and conquer negatives and fears can be done with hypnotherapy. I am so pleased to have had the experience and cannot praise this form of therapy enough.

Maureen, Devon


Emma practices from her Devon therapy room near Winkleigh.  If you would like to find out how hypnotherapy could help you with disrupted sleep patterns contact Emma to book your FREE initial consultation

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