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How Hypnotherapy Helped My Low Confidence



How Hypnotherapy Helped With My Low Confidence

Simply put I felt that I was recoiling into my self. I was lacking confidence, spending more time on my own and not wanting to do anything. I seemed to have lost my get up and go. I have had a lot of changes recently and I was feeling that I was losing control in my life. I have also suffered for many years with a real fear of dying and this seemed to be getting much worse, to the point where I would wake up during the night, crying, thinking about it.

From the first visit Caroline put me at ease and made me feel welcome. Caroline explained in simple terms that I could understand, how the brain works and everything seemed to make sense and fall into place, even from the first visit. She gave me little pointers to concentrate on each week and this helped me focus on the positives, however small they might be.

After only a couple of sessions my attitude started to change. I no longer focused on the thought of dying…I dont really give it much thought and when I do I simply now have the ability to block it out. As a result of our sessions I now have so much more confidence and where as before I didn’t really do anything, I now enjoy reading, crafting and I exercise 2/3 times per week. Small steps I know but it has made a huge difference to me and I know that this is only the beginning. To top it off I have found myself a new job, a huge step for me, which I will start in a couple of weeks time. I wouldn’t even have considered this before coming to see Caroline. Caroline has given me the necessary knowledge to move forward in a positive way and I know that if I need to see her in the future for a ‘top up’ I can do so easily.

If you’re considering hypnotherapy I would say ‘go and do it’ It has helped me enormously and I would definitely recommend it. It really can change your life.

Julie-Anne, Kettering

Caroline is based in our Northamptonshire clinic in Thrapston, near to Kettering. If you would like to find out how hypnotherapy could help you reduce stress contact Caroline to book your FREE initial consultation

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