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How Hypnotherapy Helped My Overwhelm & Anxiety



How Hypnotherapy Helped With My Overwhelm and Anxiety

I was struggling with feeling overwhelmed, I felt unable to make decisions easily and I was experiencing intrusive thoughts and anxiety. I was only managing to have about two to three hours sleep per night. Life had become very small.

Ali is so easy to talk to and to listen to! She guided me through each session knowing when I needed time to think and being able to prompt me when I was struggling. Her natural talent as a teacher has given me a deeper understanding of how my brain works and why I was experiencing the symptoms that had been affecting me. I always came away feeling better than when I walked in!

This process has taught me to recognise how I know that I feel better and what were the actions I made to get there. I am able to prioritise and make decisions without feeling guilty or overwhelmed. My actual thoughts are more balanced, with less self-criticism. My sleep has improved which is nothing short of miraculous! My life is more fun, I feel content and optimistic! I know exactly what I have to do to maintain the balance to keep me here.

If you’re thinking about trying hypnotherapy, firstly forget all of the cliches or anything you’ve seen on the telly! That is not Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy! Working with Ali is a simple process where you get to understand you! Why your thoughts and behaviours are the way they are. It’s amazing how you learn how to manage them step by step and feel in control of yourself! If you want to feel better and enjoy life again then hypnotherapy will get you there.

Carol, Maidstone


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