Inspired to Change

How Hypnotherapy Improved My Speaking Confidence



I met Caroline at a networking event and every time I listened to her 60-second pitch I kept wondering if I would benefit from a hypnotherapy session. The reason for thinking about this is that I have always struggled with speaking out, whether it be in a personal situation or at work. I would always worry about what people would think if I said what I wanted to, or whether I would be challenged about what I said and I wouldn’t be able to say why without thinking that they would think I was stupid! I always avoided confrontational situations because again I would worry about what would happen. If I was in a situation where I needed to say something, I would rehearse the speech in my head but when it came to actually talk, my voice would quiver and I would find myself almost tearful because I was afraid that what I was saying would lead to more confrontation. So sometimes, to keep the peace I would not say anything at all as it was easier. But I found that this was not doing me any good as I was not able to say the important things that I needed to. I also felt that I was ‘easy to walk over’ and people would think I was weak. This lack of confidence within me has affected me for many years and I decided that I needed to do something about it, so made the decision to see Caroline about it.

I wasn’t sure what to expect during my first session with Caroline so I was quite nervous and couldn’t relax during the trance. But I did feel relieved that I was finally able to talk to someone about my issue and that I wouldn’t be judged! During the remaining sessions, I was much more relaxed and I was confident talking to Caroline. I liked the structure and the reminder at every session of how the brain works. It got me thinking about things in ways I would never have considered. Caroline is very professional in the way she conducted the sessions. They were not rushed in any way and she gave me plenty of time to talk but equally, she listened with empathy. It was a very positive and calming experience.

I used some of the techniques that Caroline taught me throughout our sessions whilst I was still seeing her and they made a big difference to me. I was more confident in delivering my 60-second pitch at networking sessions as I was focused on what it meant to me in the long run rather than focusing on how I would feel doing it. I also find speaking out less daunting. I know that if something is really important to say I will just say it but make it clear what message I am getting across. I try not to have an internal battle with myself with regards to whether or not I should say anything but if I do, I stop and take a deep breath and think about how I want to feel after speaking out rather than what people might think of me. I am still using the techniques I have learned and I am positive that I will become more confident in myself. It takes small changes to make a big difference in the long run.

Don’t think of hypnotherapy as you think you would (i.e. putting you to sleep and making you do silly things!). This works in a different way. You are not asleep but your brain is still told the positive things it should be. I would recommend it to anyone struggling with an issue like mine. It has helped me gain more confidence and I know I can use the skills I have learned to tackle an unpleasant situation in a more positive way.

Karen, Northamptonshire