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How Hypnotherapy Helped My Stress & Anxiety



How Hypnotherapy Help My Stress & Anxiety

I was struggling to find anything positive each day and found myself filling my days with so much (un-necessary?) stuff so always trying to fast forward time. I recognised some signs that I was becoming extremely stressed and anxious over unimportant matters. I felt like I’d lost a lot of confidence. Having observed other family members benefit significantly from hypnotherapy I felt I had nothing to lose if I gave it a try.

I felt very comfortable being open and honest with Carmen. I had confidence in what she said to me and knew I could trust her. Carmen took control of the sessions and kept me on track (which I’m sure was a challenge at times!) but she was always kind, non-judgemental and patient. After a few sessions I believed I could change and Carmen made the experience enjoyable.

I feel like the list of benefits is endless. I feel more able to ‘live’ and enjoy the day I’m in. I don’t spend my time worrying as much about future events and things that could go wrong. I also don’t worry that I’ve upset someone if they don’t always reply to a message (I trust I always have good intentions with what I do).

I understand the importance of allowing myself to ‘switch off’ regularly to stay in good health (I am enjoying walking and creative things such as painting).

It has helped me to understand how I can help family/friends when they are feeling low by pointing out the positives in certain situations. I still like to plan things in my day but allow more time for interaction with others (without feeling like I should be doing a job) and 10 minutes to sit, breathe and have a coffee.

I really appreciate and enjoy very simple things like a dog walk, again – I partly think this is also as I understand the importance of allowing myself to switch off. I’ve learnt some strategies, such as positive journals/affirmations which I don’t do every day but still continue to use these a number of times in a week.

I’m not allowing myself to focus on negative past experiences or things I can’t control so feel like I’ve been able to let go of some of these things. Friends have noticed that I’m a much happier person I find it easier to make decisions and not procrastinate as much. I feel more confident (previously I felt anxious walking the dog on my own). Even though I’m still working on my confidence for a new career, I feel really positive that I’m ready for a new challenge. I just need to decide on doing what!

However, the important thing is that I don’t feel like it’s ‘a race’ anymore! Thank you, Carmen, I really appreciate your support and guidance.

If you want to feel more in control of a successful, happy life, you need to live in the moment and be able to trust your own judgement, hypnotherapy can help you do that in a relatively short space of time. It takes work, but what doesn’t! I can’t highly recommend Carmen enough she always made me feel so comfortable and I looked forward to the sessions.

Sarah, Market Harborough


Carmen is based in our Market Harborough clinic in Leicestershire. If you would like to find out how hypnotherapy could help you reduce stress contact Carmen to book your FREE initial consultation.

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