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How Hypnotherapy Helped My OCD Related Anxiety



Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Before I had my “sessions”  with Carmen my anxiety levels from my past decided to pay me a visit and plague me with all the old negative, awful panicky feelings that had long gone; this time, however, negative and upsetting OCD thoughts decided to join in and they impacted on my daily life in a very negative way as they were 99% about my two girls.

In the past my panic attacks and everything that goes with them, put my life totally on hold. After a long time, I finally got rid of the demons, with self-help and a wonderful understanding husband.  So after being “anxiety-free” for a good 8 years, it was awful to feel that way again.

This time, I chose to visit Carmen because I knew that hypnotherapy would work as I had a session previously with another hypnotherapist, to stop my fear of flying.  And this time, I wanted to feel back to myself sooner rather than later as it was so hard doing it by myself before and it was a long slow process.

After seeing Carmen for a couple of months, I have no horrible OCD thoughts and my anxiety seems to have given up on me and leaves me alone!  I appreciate that I am in fact an anxious person, but I can put things into perspective and can control my levels of anxiety now.

If you’re thinking about hypnotherapy do it!  It can change a life so dramatically to that person’s needs etc.

Evanda, Market Harborough