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How Hypnotherapy Helped Me Overcome Limiting Beliefs



Hypnotherapy to Overcome Limiting Beliefs

I was consciously aware that there was something stopping me from following through with the biggest and best ideas in my business. As I knew and trusted Ali I thought I would see if hypnotherapy would help me overcome this limiting belief/ behaviour.

It was a beautiful, restful and exciting experience. In the beginning Ali explained how the brain worked so simply, I understood it! This helped me be even more trusting in the process we went through when in a trance state. Working over Skype also worked well as I felt very comfortable in my own environment.

I have only just finished my sessions with Ali so I am sure there will be more results to come but for now, I feel more confident generally, I lack doubt over my big plans, I feel more focused, more positive and so excited! Even more so than before – the difference this time is that it’s not just an idea- I know it’s going to happen and that I’m going to make it happen. I can see it all in my mind so clearly. I have never before been able to think so big so confidently.

If you’re considering hypnotherapy you should definitely consider it. I have tried other stuff but his one felt so good! Thank you so much!

Prith, Wales