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How Hypnotherapy Helped for Panic Attacks & Depression



Hypnotherapy for Panic Attacks

In April 2013, I was suffering from constant panic attacks, acute anxiety and a level of depression. I could not sleep, could not eat, was permanently close to tears, and finally broke down at work, resulting in my being declared unfit to work for a period of time. My relationships with my family and friends were difficult, and I felt totally isolated at home and at work. By chance, my wife spotted Gary’s leaflet and she arranged my first consultation. From the start, I felt a ray of hope – Gary explained what we would do over the coming weeks, and we progressed from there. As the regular consultations went on, my attitude/feelings improved. After two weeks, the panic attacks had stopped, I was beginning to take joy in my surroundings and everyday occurrences. With time and care, Gary rebuilt my self-esteem, treated my concerns, and taught me how to be happy again. I am now back at work, I look forward to the day ahead, and I have control over my own destiny. Most importantly, my relationships with my family are so improved, I am like a different person.

Thank you, Gary!

Andrew, Lincolnshire