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How Hypnotherapy Helped My Panic Attacks



One evening I had something very strange come over me, heart racing, hot, sweaty and felt like I couldn’t breath. It literally came from now where. Little did I know that that was the start of something that was going to affect me every day and they started taking over my life- panic attacks.

I found my experience of hypnotherapy brilliant, I felt like my hypnotherapist really understood me. My confidence has improved, panic attacks don’t scare me as much as they did and I don’t avoid situations like I used to.

If you are thinking of using hypnotherapy definitely give it a try, as for me it was the overall package. Talking to someone who was willing to listen and offer advice and also the trance helps too. I really feel like I now understand my brain a lot more than I ever have and why it does the things it does.

Tanya, Peterborough