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How Hypnotherapy helped After Relationship Break-up



How Hypnotherapy helped After Relationship Break-up


I had obsessive thoughts about the break up of a long term marriage. Although I realised that a grieving process was normal, the thoughts that crept into my head all the time, even when I was happily occupied were becoming too much to bear . They were stopping me from gaining any focus and draining my mental and physical energies. I was suffering from low self esteem and it was taking over everything in my daily life and stopping me from moving on properly.

I found my sessions with Carmen relaxing and they cleared my mind. It also increased my self esteem.

Although I still have the thoughts. I’m now able to stop them from plaguing me by realising that I can chose to stop them instead of becoming immersed in them. I’m a lot more in control and able to push the stop button.

If you’re thinking of using hypnotherapy give it a go!

Jane, Market Harborough

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