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How Hypnotherapy Helped My Snake Phobia



Hypnotherapy for Snake Phobia

I had a very bad fear of snakes for over 20 years, this started as a child and got gradually worse as I got older. I have a dog and have to walk him on my own in the woods and fields behind my house, my fear had got so bad that I would have a panic every time I went into the woods and would avoid taking him out on my own because of the thought that I would see a snake and wouldn’t know how to react. My fear was so bad that I couldn’t look at pictures in a magazine or on the tele and I couldn’t talk about snakes without ‘freaking out’. I have, i the past, turned down holidays to far away destinations because they had snakes that lived there, (however unlikely it was I would actually see one). I was introduced to Gary and had the attitude of why not give it a try, although I didn’t believe anything could help. After spending 2 hours with Gary I was no longer scared of snakes and went and walked my dog in the woods immediately after finishing the session. It was such a strange feeling to not be scared of seeing a snake and being able to talk about them without any feelings towards them. Friends also didn’t believe that this would work and sent pictures of snakes to test me but I had no reaction at all! I can safely say that this has changed the way i live, I can now take my dog on long enjoyable walks without fear and am no longer frightened to go to Thailand on holiday!

Sarah, Kent