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How Hypnotherapy Helped To Reduce Stress



How Hypnotherapy Helped To Reduce Stress

I felt I was becoming increasingly angry about silly situations and stresses were overwhelming me to the point that I couldn’t calm myself down again. My husband had used hypnotherapy to help him understand the way he was thinking about certain situations and he was the catalyst for me asking for help in this way.

I felt very at ease and calm. It was nice to speak to someone who had an answer for the way I was feeling. Caroline explained why my brain was telling me one thing and why I was finding it almost impossible to change my way of thinking. To realise I wasn’t going mad was wonderful!

I am so much calmer and able to think clearly about any situation. It has made me realise how stressed I was getting and how much I have changed. I am much more relaxed now and life is much better.

Gina, Wellingborough

Caroline is based in our Northamptonshire clinic in Thrapston, near to Kettering. If you would like to find out how hypnotherapy could help you reduce stress contact Caroline to book your FREE initial consultation

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