Inspired to Change

How Hypnotherapy Helped With Weight Management & Sleep



I am a wheelchair user and so have to watch my weight continually. I have used hypnotherapy since a teenager for pain control and to persuade my subconscious to change its ways. It was therefore the obvious route to help with weight control and more importantly understanding and changing my relationship with food. Hypnotherapy was a given but finding the correct therapist is essential. I had met Caroline a couple of times and was impressed with her approach which is about finding solutions rather than grubbing about in the past for reasons which may or may not be valid. I felt completely safe putting myself and my susceptible subconscious into her hands.

I found Caroline to be sympathetic, no nonsense and completely professional in her approach. She was warm and fun to work with whilst taking the issue seriously. She also went way beyond the extra mile to find a setting which I could manage physically to attend the sessions.

My sleep pattern was poor. Caroline gave me a meditation to use that has improved my quality of sleep markedly. This has allowed my body to benefit from better sleep when I thought the issue was more sleep. My digestive system has benefited from this and without changing any eating habits at all, I lost 9 pounds. During the course of treatment my MS became much worse and my mobility was hugely affected. As a result I lost physical confidence and had to make serious and expensive decisions about the future. The sessions with Caroline helped hugely in this and as I rebuilt my life I watched my confidence rebuild too. I do not believe that this would have been achieved so quickly or so painlessly without the sessions. I continue to work with my sleep meditation and am focusing much more effectively on my goals. I feel in control of my life because I am in control of my thoughts and am reaching my targets more easily than before. I do not feel stressed by every day events.

Hypnotherapy is well proven and it works. If you feel blocked and your conscious mind is not dealing with it then try hypnotherapy to work with your subconscious and it will. Choose your therapist carefully. Caroline would be a great choice.

Elizabeth, Bedford