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How Hypnotherapy Helped Me With Anxiety and OCD



How Hypnotherapy Helped Me With Anxiety and OCD

I was struggling a little with slowing down in life, as well as anxiety as a bi-product of this and some cases of OCD / extreme thoughts.

I found the experience of working with Ali always to be an extremely good one. What I liked a lot was over a period of time I began to know what to expect of the visits with Ali. I see this as a very positive thing, because soon I realised that with the help of Ali and how she helped me to understand the human brain, that I was able to then actually help myself.

Before I saw Ali I would definitely have described myself as having been stuck in a rut with my issues. I always enjoyed going to see Ali. Not only were my meetings with her enjoyable, but also very relaxing and reflective. She made me use my brain (a lot) and work hard (a lot), but without her, I wouldn’t process things like I do now and I honestly don’t think I would deal with situations like I do now.

I now have less anxiety and OCD and an understanding of my brain and the human brain in general! I know how to help myself using skills Ali taught me.  All in all a happier me!!!

Just hearing people around me, friends and work colleagues particularly, telling me how I seem to much “more chilled” lately brings me so much happiness. My mindset has changed and others can see this. I have Ali to thank for this. I know I still need to work hard to keep it up, but half the battle is fought because now I know what to do.

If you’re thinking about hypnotherapy have an open mind. Don’t go in with preconceived ideas. I would recommend it to anyone and more importantly I would (and I already have!)recommend Ali.

Gina, Maidstone

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