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How Hypnotherapy Helped With Our Family Issues



How Hypnotherapy Helped Our Families Issues

A business owner, happily married and bang – a serious family (not marital) issue arose ‘out of the blue’; took months (and a noticeable slow-down in business) before I realised I needed some help (wife was already doing-so…) and so did a couple of months of counselling (helped) but understood I needed to change my own thought processes to be able to become ‘me’ again.

Working with Caroline was AMAZING!!! She provides simply the best environment & personality to succeed…

I now feel more like me, my family see me again, my work colleagues know I am back, I don’t hide from clients any longer (whether they be existing or potential); enjoying taking risks & not found a single blooming polar bear yet ??? Forgetting all the above, I am able to see how my attitude/personality affects those closest to me – life’s so much more interesting & happy with a simple smile & positive view!

If you’re considering hypnotherapy DO IT NOW – IT WORKS IF YOU WANT IT TO & CAROLINE IS SIMPLY THE BEST

Phil, Northampton

Caroline is based in our Northamptonshire clinic in Thrapston, near to Kettering, Rushden, Wellingborough, Oundle and Huntingdon. Caroline specialises in reducing stress and anxiety and building confidence and self esteem. If you would like to find out how hypnotherapy could help you reduce stress or anxiety contact Caroline to book your FREE initial consultation

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