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How Hypnotherapy Helped With My Emetophobia



How Hypnotherapy Helped With My Emetophobia

I had been struggling a lot more with emetophobia (fear of being sick/feeling sick). I was having panic attacks often and I hated going to school and going out with my friends. I constantly felt on edge and terrified about the next time I was going to be sick or feel sick. It was making me feel exhausted all the time from always feel so anxious and was really effecting my mood as I was isolating myself.

Working with Caroline was the best kind of therapy I have ever had. Not just the trance’s but the whole experience, I went into every session feeling relaxed and calm which really helped with the hypnotherapy itself and the calmer I felt in the sessions the more effective the therapy was because I was always in a better headspace. Caroline was always really easy to talk to and helped me hugely to rationalise all my thoughts. The explanations about how the brain works was also a massive help to me.

I have now been able to go out more with my friends and it has also allowed to me start a new job at a restaurant, clearing plates, which I used to not be able to do as it would terrify me because of the ‘germs’ but it hasn’t affected me at all. I no longer worry about the next time I will feel ill or be ill because I am able to rationalise and recognise the responses from my brain. I no longer obsess massively about germs and no longer obsess about questioning others when they mention they feel ill. I feel so much more relaxed all the time and am able to free more space in my mind for important things

If you’re thinking about hypnotherapy it is definitely worth it! 6 weeks ago I didn’t even imagine I would be anywhere near where I am now and it is just so so amazing!

 Holly, Northampton

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